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Write great lists with Season Paper Collection

Who doesn’t like to write a list once in a while, to get things done? Isn’t it even better if you’ve got a lovely notepad handy to help?

Season Paper Collection is a delicate, paper-loving brand which creates, among other things, some charming notepads. Why focusing today on notepads? This is how I discovered them, and I already offered a few notepads to friends, as I really like it.


Season Paper collection notepads


Julie and Melissa are two textile designers who started this stationery collection as a side project. Made and designed in France, the result is a sweet and charming collection, where light and pastel colours meet vintage and candid patterns.

You can check out their collection of notepads, notebooks, cards and stationery on their website, or Esty store (yes! it’s available worlwide!).


PS: and if you’re struggling with never-ending lists, here are some tips to improve your to-do lists.

Local tips for the young traveller: Use-It Europe

For those of you who like to discover new cities, map in hand, but with a budget on the low side, Use-It Europe city guides are just the thing. With cool graphics, these guides will take you off the beaten tracks.


Use It Brussels travel map


Started in Belgium, the Use-It project has extended throughout Europe to offer free tourist maps, written and designed by locals who happily share their good tips with you.

Aimed for the young travellers (supposedly with a small budget), the guides are filled with cheap (but delicious!) eateries, students hangouts or money-saving tips, among many others addresses, (all carefully chosen by locals). Tourist attractions and must-dos are also well covered  so that you can survive your city trip with no other guide!

If your city doesn’t have a Use-It map yet and you feel up to the task, you can join the Use-It network. For the travellers, if there’s a Use-It map where you’re going (see the list here), don’t hesitate to check the local Tourist Board to see if they have one!


Send beautiful cards with Letterpress de Paris

With the new year coming soon, it’s time to send your best wishes to your friends and family!
To help you with this, here comes Letterpress de Paris, a small French company publishing some beautiful letter-pressed cards:

Letterpress de Paris

Letterpress de Paris has partnered with talented designers from various backgrounds to create a gorgeous collection of cards for every occasion. The cards are then carefully printed by local craftsmen who master the art of letterpress printing (a technique where the paper is heavily pressed to create some relief).

The result is very eye-catching, colourful and sometimes shiny cards (depending on the design).
With highly qualitative paper, it’s a thrill to send such cards, and a greatest one to find a Letterpress de Paris card waiting in your letterbox!

More at letterpressdeparis.com (in French)

Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book

Barley & Hops, The Craft Beer book by Gestalten, detail.


If you happen to be fond of both beer, and books, here’s a book from publisher Gestalten about which you could be pretty enthusiastic about.

Carefully edited by Sylvia Kopp, one of the best beer sommelier (did you know such a cool job existed?), Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book is a journey through the rich world of beer craftsmen and connoisseurs.

From small breweries to nice places where to drink all these tasty beers, you will travel around the world to meet those passionate about beer and its subtlety. Discover beer crafting basics and try out mouth-watering recipes (beer-based, needless to say) by immersing yourself in this very well designed and beautiful book!


Barley & Hops, The Craft Beer book by Gestalten, cover and recipe detail.

Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book
by Sylvia Kopp
Published by Gestalten
ISBN 978-3-89955-533-2

Find it on Gestalten Store


Mark’s Travelife Notebook

Marks's Travelife Notebook detail

To all notebook lovers.

You probably know what it is to have this big new project you want to start from scratch, and you open  a new notebook and get started (the story doesn’t how long it lasts). When you travel, and always find a lovely notebook on your way and can’t help but buy it. Back home you lazily add it to a collection of already-waiting-for-something-to-happen notebooks.


Why I love reading Frankie Magazine

Frankie Magazine article

Today we’re heading back to Australia where I first laid eyes on Frankie Magazine, a gorgeous lifestyle, travel and craft magazine (it’s way more than this in fact, but this is an introductory short-cut).

Published every 2 months, Frankie is a refreshing reading taking you to a special trip to a world of simple, arty and inspiring people. Far from the glamorous women’s magazines we are used to, Frankie Magazine is light, with a lovely design and broach a large range of topics, from nice local brands (most of them selling online, don’t worry), to art, travel and entrepreneurship.

It features entertaining articles on everyday small issues, as well as unusual places and people. I’m always enchanted when reading a new issue of Frankie Magazine: this is the kind of writing and topics you feel close to, even though it’s written by people living on the other side of the world. It’s straightforward, funny and broadening.


Frankie Magazine
Frankie Magazines issues


If you can’t get hold of the magazine itself (although you can order it online or subscribe), they also have a nice blog where you can find a mix or articles, DIY inspiration and more. If you’re a Frankie reader, share the love and tell us what you love about it!


Les Fruits Défendus – Urban Harvesting in Montreal

Do you feel like there’s something to do to improve the way we live, and happen to be in Montreal? Maybe you want to change our relationship with food supplies and local communities? Or you just want to support a project who’s helping to make our world better? Well, Les Fruits Défendus is a project for you.

Harvesting lost fruits in town

What is it exactly? Montreal has a lot of fruit trees which aren’t taken care of, resulting in lots of lost fruits, rotting on the pavement. Les Fruits Défendus is all about avoiding this waste. This association promotes the simple joys of urban harvesting, and puts in relation the owner of these trees with a team of volunteers who pick the fruits when it’s the right time.

Les Fruits Défendus
© Les Fruits Défendus
Less waste, more sharing

Since 2011, about 7000 pounds of fruits have been harvested. A third of each harvest goes to the tree owner, another third is for the volunteers (which can end up in good jams and marmalade) while the last third is donated to non-profit organizations promoting food security. A win-win project, bringing back the focus on local supply and how it can benefit the community.

If want to know more about it, wish to get involved by volunteering or else, check out their website below. Les Fruits Défendus has also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo: you’re welcome to help in anyway you can!

And if you have the same kind of wonderful project in another city, tell us about it by leaving a comment!

Penguin Classics: gorgeous books worth collecting

Penguin classics, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre Drop Caps edition

With the Christmas gift-hunting season getting nearer you’ll soon wonder what to get for that bookworm friend of yours, or for your old uncle who reads only outdated books (what an idea!). The Penguin Classics books may be just the thing for you!

I am not talking about the usual classics books here, but about the several nice collections Penguin (a great British publishing house) publishes. Here some details for you.


Herb Lester Guides: travel companions for city discoveries

Here is something for the curious-minded, paper-loving traveller. Herb Lester Associates is an English company editing lovely travel guides for city breaks. Whenever I travel to a new city, I check if a Herb Lester Guide exists, and I’ve never been disappointed so far!

Herb Lester Guides

The guides come as beautifully designed, much original and practical maps, which easily fit in your pocket. Each map is unique in style and has its own spirit, being custom-made for each city by a different designer (though some maps share a same designer but we can’t really complain) and different writers.

New-York, London or Paris can be enjoyed thanks to several themed-guides (like New-York burgersLondon on Two Wheels or Paris en famille), but other cities are well represented too by the Herb Lester collection (Tokyo, Melbourne, Portland, or even the outer space!).

It’s a fun way to discover a city (instead of browsing the traditional travel guides everybody has), the guides providing lots of interesting and unusual sights, shops and restaurants to try. They all come with detailed and mouth-watering descriptions. You’ll be sure to get a good overview of what it is to live in these cities if you follow their good tips!

More info: www.herblester.com


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