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Why I love reading Frankie Magazine

Frankie Magazine article

Today we’re heading back to Australia where I first laid eyes on Frankie Magazine, a gorgeous lifestyle, travel and craft magazine (it’s way more than this in fact, but this is an introductory short-cut). Published every 2 months, Frankie is a refreshing reading taking you to a special trip to a world of simple, arty and inspiring people. Far from the glamorous women’s magazines we are used to, Frankie Magazine.. Read More

Les Fruits Défendus – Urban Harvesting in Montreal

Do you feel like there’s something to do to improve the way we live, and happen to be in Montreal? Maybe you want to change our relationship with food supplies and local communities? Or you just want to support a project who’s helping to make our world better? Well, Les Fruits Défendus is a project for you. Harvesting lost fruits in town What is it exactly? Montreal has a lot.. Read More

Penguin Classics: gorgeous books worth collecting

Penguin classics, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre Drop Caps edition

With the Christmas gift-hunting season getting nearer you’ll soon wonder what to get for that bookworm friend of yours, or for your old uncle who reads only outdated books (what an idea!). The Penguin Classics books may be just the thing for you! I am not talking about the usual classics books here, but about the several nice collections Penguin (a great British publishing house) publishes. Here some details for.. Read More