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Foundation series by Harper Voyager

Foundation series by Harper Voyager

Has it ever happened to you to be deeeeep in a book and suddenly, you realize you might have actually read that book before? Well, I thought that would never happen to me and surprisingly I experienced this recently with the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. (more…)

Where to shop books and stationery in Paris


On this blog, you can find paper addresses in Vienna, Tokyo or Bristol. Quite funnily, I never took the time to share my paper addresses in Paris, where I’ve been living for ten years now (my! Time flies!). It’s time to make things right.
This is in no way a “best-of” list. It’s simply the small and bigger shops I like to visit when I crave for books and stationery, or when I’m having a stroll in certain parts of the city. Old habits, crushes, convenience, there are many reasons these shops stand out for me, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. (more…)

Books & Stationery in Bristol

Having a sunny drink on a terrace in front of Papersmith

I visited Bristol a few month ago, and I LOVED it (and the good weather must have help a bit). It’s lively, it’s modern, it’s green: it’s enchanting. I have a thing for harbour cities, Victorian docks and wharves, and Bristol add it all. The old streets, small independent shops and quiet mansions from the city centre to Clifton village are also quite charming. The same goes for the numerous parks of the city. But, well, I’m not here to sell you Bristol, but rather to tell you about the nice shops I found on my way : everything you need to buy books and stationery in Bristol. (more…)

A Paper Hunt in Tokyo

I recently went to Japan, to Tokyo this time. And there, I’ve been hunting for nice stationery or paper-related shops and places. Here are the nice addresses I found. You’ll find why I liked it below, district by district, and you can see where it is in the city thanks to a map, working with what3words addresses (starting with “///”). Hope you’ll like it!
A Paper Hunt in Tokyo

A gift guide for map lovers

A gift guide for map lovers by Wapapum

It’s been a while I started this list of map-related products that could be nice gifts, and I was like “who cares if it’s not the Xmas season?”… Well, time has passed and it’s only now that I’m able to publish this article, so here it is!

Are you looking for a gift for that dear one who loves map? Here are some examples of articles they could like!


A selection of orange stationery

An orange stationery selection

Whether you prefer A Clockwork Orange or Orange is the new black, well, it’s all about orange stationery today!

In the last few months I’ve been surrounded by orange stationery. I made this selection to answer all your cravings for anything orange (but mostly stationery, books and maps!). It features some of my favourite stationery brands and publishers, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! (more…)

A paper walk in Vienna

As I spent a few days in Vienna for the first time, I was delighted to find lots of nice shops and bars. The city has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. It exudes a sense of cool, and design is everywhere – at least in its 6th and 7th districts, where I spent most of my time. For the paper lovers you are, here is a selection of shops (= books and stationery) that I came across in the trendy Neubau district, that I’d like to share with you. Hope you’ll enjoy this walk as much as I did!


Three iconic London bookshops

Foyles, iconic bookshop in London

London is one of the cities I keep coming back to, let’s say once a year. Every time I’m reminded how much I love the city, its bricks, its aerial train tracks, its bacon and of course, its bookshops.

I have this kind or ritual where I visit my favourite bookshops, one after the other, and I leave London with enough books to read for a year. I could buy these books online, or from English bookshops in Paris. I could. But I’d rather get lost in the aisles of these old and very well furnished establishments. I’ve rarely been disappointed. Either I stumble upon new editions I didn’t know about, or new exciting publishing houses. Or I finally find that title I’ve been looking for… it’s Christmas each time!

During my last trip I found out that some of the places I used to visit ten years ago are now gone. Happily for us, some are still in business, and well, as these are big names in the industry, let’s hope these iconic bookshops will stay here for a while!


Virginia Woolf: noteworthy editions

Several editions of Virginia Woolf's works


If you like reading Viriginia Woolf’s works – novels or essays – here are several noteworthy editions of her works from nice publishing houses. You’ll see only the books I own myself, but many other editions are available. If you know about some equally fine editions, do let us know by leaving a comment!


Hardback Penguin Classics – Yes, them again… In 2011, for the seventieth anniversary of Woolf’s death, Penguin Classics edited a beautiful series of hardback editions including 5 of Virginia’s Woolf works. The jackets are particularly interesting with hypnotic and modern paintings. You can see here Orlando and A Room of One’s Own (without its jacket). Are also available Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse and The Waves.

You can see more books from Penguin Classics in this article.


Melville House’s Art of the Novella – As part of their Art of the Novella series, Melville House Publishing has edited one of Viriginia Woolf’s titles, Jacob’s Room. It is may be less famous than her other novels, but this story (her third publication) helped establishing her as a modernist and a major writer.

Read more about Melville House Art of the Novella series here.


Everyman’s library vintage edition – I first read Viriginia Woolf after finding this old edition of To the Lighthouse in a second-hand bookshop. This is a 1962 Everyman’s library edition. Since then, they’ve reprinted it in a more modern edition, along with Mrs Dalloway.


Flowers with several editions of Virginia Woolf's works