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Frankie Magazine article

Today we’re heading back to Australia where I first laid eyes on Frankie Magazine, a gorgeous lifestyle, travel and craft magazine (it’s way more than this in fact, but this is an introductory short-cut).

Published every 2 months, Frankie is a refreshing reading taking you to a special trip to a world of simple, arty and inspiring people. Far from the glamorous women’s magazines we are used to, Frankie Magazine is light, with a lovely design and broach a large range of topics, from nice local brands (most of them selling online, don’t worry), to art, travel and entrepreneurship.

It features entertaining articles on everyday small issues, as well as unusual places and people. I’m always enchanted when reading a new issue of Frankie Magazine: this is the kind of writing and topics you feel close to, even though it’s written by people living on the other side of the world. It’s straightforward, funny and broadening.


Frankie Magazine
Frankie Magazines issues


If you can’t get hold of the magazine itself (although you can order it online or subscribe), they also have a nice blog where you can find a mix or articles, DIY inspiration and more. If you’re a Frankie reader, share the love and tell us what you love about it!


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