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Books & Stationery in Bristol

Having a sunny drink on a terrace in front of Papersmith

I visited Bristol a few month ago, and I LOVED it (and the good weather must have help a bit). It’s lively, it’s modern, it’s green: it’s enchanting. I have a thing for harbour cities, Victorian docks and wharves, and Bristol add it all. The old streets, small independent shops and quiet mansions from the city centre to Clifton village are also quite charming. The same goes for the numerous parks of the city. But, well, I’m not here to sell you Bristol, but rather to tell you about the nice shops I found on my way : everything you need to buy books and stationery in Bristol. (more…)

Mishmash notebook

Paper crushes can happen.

I was strolling along the stationery department in Le Bon Marché (one of my favourite address for paper stuff in Paris), checking new brands I didn’t know about. After I had a look at everything, proud of not having bought anything (did I mentioned how many notebooks I have at home?), I was leaving the department.


That’s when I saw it… A Mishmash notebook with four tabs (to write about as many projects), a simple design, and soothing pastel colours. With plain paper inside.
That won me over!

This is how I bought my first Mishmash product. Mishmash is a Portuguese brand who cares about design and wants to create minimalist and innovative products for paper lovers. You can get their products through their online store and selected stockists around the world.


Mishmash notebook with tabs

Papier Tigre stationery

From the beginning of this blog (3 years ago last month!), I’ve always wanted to talk about Papier Tigre, but I never found the right words. Now is the time!

Papier Tigre is a French stationery brand. They started with eco-friendly notebooks, made out of recycled paper right here in Paris. With bright colours and gay patterns, Papier Tigre stationery had from the start a distinctive touch, that something special you’ll find today on their website with a funny tone and an original design.

Since then, they’ve extended their range to more stationery and paper items, from wallpaper to planners and greeting cards. They have a lovely shop in central Paris (do visit it if you have the chance, it’s gorgeous!), and they will very soon open one branch in Tokyo, Nihombashi. I wish I’d go back to Japan just to check it out (they plan on opening a shop with a tea room and a gallery).

Here’s an overview of some Papier Tigre stationery that I acquire over the last years:


Papier Tigre notebook


Papier Tigre pli postal organizer


Papier Tigre Visionnaire calendar


Pli postal, Papier Tigre


Papier Tigre notebook


Meet the Nanuk notebook

How I like the excitment of writing the first words in a new notebook!

I’ve got this new project I’m working on, and I started using this beautiful Nanuk notebook for it. It has a red binding on the spine, cream-coloured paper, a red grid inside and on the cover as well and… it comes right from Japan, so it’s special to me! <3


Nanuk notebook


Its size is perfect (252 x 162 mm) as it’s too big, nor too small, and convenient to use.

On the Nanuk website, you can find a find a list of retailers (in Japanese), mostly in Japan unfortunately. But a quick search online and you’ll find several online store selling the Nanuk notebook. Happy shopping!

Paper Poetry ‘Welcome Home’ garland

Paper Poetry 'Welcome Home' garland

I first discovered the Paper Poetry garlands and paper letters last year in Vienna. Although I liked very much these colourful and shiny letters, I had no use for it at the time. (I’m trying to avoid compulsive stationery purchases that have no direct purpose – not easy.) So I moved on, hoping some day I’ll have a good occasion to display some lovely letters at home!

That day came earlier this year, when a « Welcome Home » was all I needed. After searching quickly for messaged garlands, here I was again face to face with Paper Poetry. I couldn’t say no this time, bought it on perlesandco.com (they have a .co.uk website too). Didn’t take long before I received it. (more…)

A piece(s) of paper – Notebook

I’ve spent a day in Bangkok some time ago, and while strolling its super modern department stores, I found these notebooks by the brand A piece(s) of paper. I was attracted by the beautiful architectural design and the fact that is was seemingly Japanese.


A piece(s) of paper notebook


It is in fact from Thailand. Founded in 2013, they make eco-friendly stationery products. They first started selling a reusable wrapping paper. With a perforated line that you can tear, you don’t rip the paper off and you can then reuse it for other purposes.

What I also liked about these A piece(s) of notebooks I saw is that, for the same model, you can choose which kind of paper you get – lined, with a dotted grid or blank. Thus you don’t have to choose between the design and the kind of paper you want!

A good surprise in Bangkok!

More info: https://www.facebook.com/apiecesofpaper/

A Paper Hunt in Tokyo

I recently went to Japan, to Tokyo this time. And there, I’ve been hunting for nice stationery or paper-related shops and places. Here are the nice addresses I found. You’ll find why I liked it below, district by district, and you can see where it is in the city thanks to a map, working with what3words addresses (starting with “///”). Hope you’ll like it!
A Paper Hunt in Tokyo

Secret Santa notebook: Alibabette

Secret Santa notebook Alibabette


Each year at work, at the time of Christmas, we celebrate with a Secret Santa.

I guess it’s getting known that I love stationery!… Last year I got a beautiful Paperblanks planner. This year a got a lovely notebook, from the French brand Alibabette. Its cover is inspired by Chinese and Japanese patterns from the early 20th century. It reminds me of delicate lacquer boxes, it’s really nice!

Thank you, dear colleague who had this good idea!


A gift guide for map lovers

A gift guide for map lovers by Wapapum

It’s been a while I started this list of map-related products that could be nice gifts, and I was like “who cares if it’s not the Xmas season?”… Well, time has passed and it’s only now that I’m able to publish this article, so here it is!

Are you looking for a gift for that dear one who loves map? Here are some examples of articles they could like!


Dream & Do notebook

Dream & Do Navucko notebook

How convenient!!

I was thinking today I should start a new notebook to write down my crazy dreams… And here I find the perfect one while tidying my place!

I tend to have so many notebooks that I sometimes forget about the ones I bought. They just wait to be discovered, some day, lying on my busy shelves. And surprise! I rediscover them… <3

I bought this one in Koln in a pop-store and it comes from the German brand Navucko. I love its catchy foiled sentence, the typography and the overall simplicity of it.
Now let’s go dream a bit to have something to write in it!