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Notebook: Elam for L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte

Elam notebook x L'Atelier de la Sorciere Verte

If you happen to be visiting Lille (France), and are a paper-lover, you should definitively pay a visit to L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte. They sell stationery items and organize paper-related workshops (bookbinding, mail art, origami, etc). The shop is full of lovely things, and set in a lively street. A must-see! When last in L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte, I bought a beautiful Japanese-inspired notebook (or rather sketchbook, its.. Read More

F. Scott Fitzgerald Penguin Classics hardback editions

Fitzgerald Penguin Hardback Classics

  I’ve already talked about Penguin Classics books and how they publish gorgeous hardback classics. I could have included these books in this previous article too. But I felt they deserved a special emphasis, not because I like them best, but because this series is about one author only: Scott F. Fitzgerald.

From Russia with love – Loft Project Etagi

  I recently received this postcard from two friends visiting Saint Petersburg. I fell in love with both the picture and the way the postcard looks like a polaroid photo. It’s perfect. Besides the fact that I was thrilled to receive such a nice postcard (ha! the joys of analogue correspondence…), it managed to raise my enthusiasm for Saint Petersburg. I even started to wonder why I’ve never considered visiting.. Read More