Notebook: Elam for L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte

Elam notebook x L'Atelier de la Sorciere Verte

If you happen to be visiting Lille (France), and are a paper-lover, you should definitively pay a visit to L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte. They sell stationery items and organize paper-related workshops (bookbinding, mail art, origami, etc). The shop is full of lovely things, and set in a lively street. A must-see!

When last in L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte, I bought a beautiful Japanese-inspired notebook (or rather sketchbook, its paper being quite thick – 180g/m²). Handmade by Elam Books, this notebook is part of a bookbinding series crafted specially for L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte.

All the notebooks have a cover made of handcrafted Japanese washi paper, inspired by the traditional designs of Japan (mine has a typical wave pattern). The quality of the paper, the origin of the one for the cover, and the fact that it is hand-stitched make these Elam notebooks quite unique and precious. And, let’s be honest, the covers are gorgeous.

Elam books for L'Atelier de la Sorciere verte handmade notebook Elam books for L'Atelier de la Sorciere verte handmade sketchbook


If you’re in Paris and not Lille (though Lille is a one hour train-ride from Paris), I’ve seen some Elam notebooks in Paris’ Conran Shop as well. They made another collection just for the Conran Shop. As for the rest of you around the world, you can check Elam’s online store (or buy a ticket to come to Lille and L’Atelier de la Sorcière Verte – this is another option!).

And if you’ve spotted some Elam notebooks somewhere else, share with us and tell us where!


More info:
L’Atelier de la Sorcière – 19bis rue de la Clef, Lille
Online shop (in French):
Workshops (in French):

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