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who gives a crap toilet paper rolls

We’re so used to it we don’t pay attention to our comfort any more. But if I’d tell you we’re part of 60% of the world population who have access to toilets, who’d you give it a thought now? Yes, this article is about flushing the toilets. Or just having a safe and clean place to go for this. The above statistic means 40% of the humans are lacking this.. Read More

Write great lists with Season Paper Collection

Who doesn’t like to write a list once in a while, to get things done? Isn’t it even better if you’ve got a lovely notepad handy to help? Season Paper Collection is a delicate, paper-loving brand which creates, among other things, some charming notepads. Why focusing today on notepads? This is how I discovered them, and I already offered a few notepads to friends, as I really like it.  .. Read More