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Paper Poetry ‘Welcome Home’ garland

Paper Poetry 'Welcome Home' garland

I first discovered the Paper Poetry garlands and paper letters last year in Vienna. Although I liked very much these colourful and shiny letters, I had no use for it at the time. (I’m trying to avoid compulsive stationery purchases that have no direct purpose – not easy.) So I moved on, hoping some day I’ll have a good occasion to display some lovely letters at home!

That day came earlier this year, when a « Welcome Home » was all I needed. After searching quickly for messaged garlands, here I was again face to face with Paper Poetry. I couldn’t say no this time, bought it on perlesandco.com (they have a .co.uk website too). Didn’t take long before I received it. (more…)

Moo: business card printing made fun

Moo business cards

Of all things paper, there’s this small piece of paper we often overlook, it’s the business card. Sounds boring, right? Meet Moo: this English company managed to give the business card printing business a funky twist so particular to them. I’ll be straight to the point: I love Moo.


Do you give a crap?

who gives a crap toilet paper rolls

We’re so used to it we don’t pay attention to our comfort any more. But if I’d tell you we’re part of 60% of the world population who have access to toilets, who’d you give it a thought now?

Yes, this article is about flushing the toilets. Or just having a safe and clean place to go for this. The above statistic means 40% of the humans are lacking this simple privilege. It’s huge.
And what happens when there’s no toilets? Mostly children die from diarrhoea, which is the second biggest killer of children under 5, worldwide (that’s about 500,000 children dying every year). I can provide some more sad facts but it’s not the point.

Here I’d like to introduce Who Gives a Crap, an Australian company who did give a thought about all this and started a successful toilet paper business to make the world better.


Who Gives a Crap rolls @ Seven Seeds, Melbourne

How does it work?

They produce and sell nice-looking toilet paper rolls,  100% made of recycled post consumer waste fibers (meaning they’re saving trees and water as well – these guys are amazing!). 50% of their profits goes to NGO WaterAid, whose purpose is to provide people with clean water, safe toilets (yes safe, you don’t want to know what happens to women who don’t have access to safe toilets), and hygiene education.

Who Gives a Crap is still a young company, nevertheless they managed to provide a year of toilet access to 46,500 people so far (and save 4,600 trees but that’s not the point). So it makes you think about it. If buying some cool toilet paper roll can help building a better world, it’s worth trying!

Being Australian, Who Gives a Crap rolls are only available down there (unfortunately). If you happen to live in this happy country, you can order some rolls from their website.
As for others, you can still have a look at WaterAid‘s website to see how you can contribute, or think about some other way to help!


More info
Who Gives a Crap: whogivesacrap.org
WaterAird: wateraid.org

Les Fruits Défendus – Urban Harvesting in Montreal

Do you feel like there’s something to do to improve the way we live, and happen to be in Montreal? Maybe you want to change our relationship with food supplies and local communities? Or you just want to support a project who’s helping to make our world better? Well, Les Fruits Défendus is a project for you.

Harvesting lost fruits in town

What is it exactly? Montreal has a lot of fruit trees which aren’t taken care of, resulting in lots of lost fruits, rotting on the pavement. Les Fruits Défendus is all about avoiding this waste. This association promotes the simple joys of urban harvesting, and puts in relation the owner of these trees with a team of volunteers who pick the fruits when it’s the right time.

Les Fruits Défendus
© Les Fruits Défendus
Less waste, more sharing

Since 2011, about 7000 pounds of fruits have been harvested. A third of each harvest goes to the tree owner, another third is for the volunteers (which can end up in good jams and marmalade) while the last third is donated to non-profit organizations promoting food security. A win-win project, bringing back the focus on local supply and how it can benefit the community.

If want to know more about it, wish to get involved by volunteering or else, check out their website below. Les Fruits Défendus has also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo: you’re welcome to help in anyway you can!

And if you have the same kind of wonderful project in another city, tell us about it by leaving a comment!