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Moo: business card printing made fun

Moo business cards

Of all things paper, there’s this small piece of paper we often overlook, it’s the business card. Sounds boring, right? Meet Moo: this English company managed to give the business card printing business a funky twist so particular to them. I’ll be straight to the point: I love Moo.

Revolutionary Road, Vintage Waterstones Special Edition

Revolutionary Road, Vintage Modern Classics cltohbound edition for Waterstones

DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Oscar-nominated movie Revolutionary Road, does it ring a bell? It all comes from a fascinating book by Richard Yates. I can’t say which one I experienced first (the book, probably), but I remember very well seeing the book in one of London’s Waterstones bookstore. Once again, I had no choice but to come back home with a beautiful edition!