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Moo business cards

Of all things paper, there’s this small piece of paper we often overlook, it’s the business card. Sounds boring, right? Meet Moo: this English company managed to give the business card printing business a funky twist so particular to them. I’ll be straight to the point: I love Moo.

Moo helps you create stunning cards.

Business cards of all kinds (mini, rounded, square, letterpress, glossy…) but not only. Flyers, postcards, stickers or greeting cards. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find what you need to communicate about you or your brand.


Moo takes customisation to the next level.

Each business card you print with Moo is printed on both sides and you can print a different design or photo on each card of your pack. That’s 50 unique cards. Picture your portfolio at the back of your business card: smart, isn’t it?


Moo is somehow unique.

They have a nice blog with tips about design and entrepreneurship. The newsletter is refreshing (yes, I read their newsletter, can’t say the same about a lot of businesses). The service is impressive. You actually get excited when you receive your cards: the unboxing experience is something. Their follow-up emails are cool. They’re simply genius.


Example of Moo business cards

Now that you’re convinced Moo is great, if you have some printing need, you can enjoy 10% off your first order at Moo. Just click the button!
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