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Art of the Novella series by Melville House Books

Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf, Melville House edition

I’ve been searching for a paperback edition of Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville for a while, when recently I found it on the shelves of Hatchard’s, in London. Published by Melville House – as if it was meant to be! To my surprise, I had never heard of Melville House before (and I’ve haunting book stores for quite some time…), so I was really excited to discover their catalogue… Read More

Porto: pieces of stationery right from Portugal

Porto stationery and notebooks

While on a city escape in Porto, Portugal, I’ve been chasing nice bits of stationery. To my delight, I found some interesting articles and local brands. Porto is a lovely city (charming people, nice streets to stroll, lots of history and a great atmosphere), and arts & craft makers are quite active there. Spoiler: This is about numbered notebooks, talented illustrators and mouth-watering sardines. Yes, sardines. You find it everywhere.. Read More

4 reasons you should switch back to analogue photography

Lomography La Sardina Möbius edition and analogue photographs, back details

… assuming you’re old enough to remember what it was to handle a film! If you can’t exactly grasp the difference between analogue and digital, here is a link to an interesting explanation. So, how long has it been since you’ve held an anologue camera in your hands? Way too long probably! Let’s step back a little from the digital frenzy, and enjoy the quiet benefits of analogue photography. Here.. Read More