4 reasons you should switch back to analogue photography

Lomography La Sardina Möbius edition and analogue photographs, back details

… assuming you’re old enough to remember what it was to handle a film!

If you can’t exactly grasp the difference between analogue and digital, here is a link to an interesting explanation.

So, how long has it been since you’ve held an anologue camera in your hands? Way too long probably! Let’s step back a little from the digital frenzy, and enjoy the quiet benefits of analogue photography. Here are 4 reasons why you should switch back to analogue:


1. Your hard drive can’t take it anymore

Truly, what do your thousand holidays pictures become when you’re back in your daily routine? Megabytes on your hard drive. Stuck there. You might post a few photos on Facebook – or Instagram. You might even think of printing some for this great photo album you’ve meant to do for years… But hey, has it been done?

Chances are you’re doing nothing with all these pictures. You’ve taken so many you don’t dare having a look at these lost folders once you’re done with it (= super quickly).


2. It’s all about the present moment

Sometimes we’re over thinking, and it’s good to just let it go. With an anologue camera, you don’t have to give it too much of a though. Is the light ok? Yes. Does it seems like a fun picture to take? Yes. Then go, do it and take that picture. Simple, easy. We have lots of things to worry about, capturing the instant shouldn’t be one of it. This is about enjoying the present moment and taking a snap at it. Click!


Lomography La Sardina Möbius edition and analogue photographs, back details


3. Who doesn’t like a surprise?

The good point with this philosophy is that you don’t really know what your photos will look like. And it can take a while to finish this 35mm roll you’ve started months ago. Can you remember which pictures you took with it? No, and that’s the idea. You’ll get a lovely surprise when discovering your developed pictures. And sometimes you may be disappointed too, as your pictures won’t turn out as you expected (why is it so dark/blurry?). Well, that’s part of the deal and what makes analogue photography more thrilling. You’ll improve your technique before the next roll is over!


4. These memories will last

The other interesting part with analogue photography is that, at some point, you have to print your photos to see what it looks like. So you end up having a bunch of physical photos. You then get back to the time when your pictures had their own life (on your fridge door / wall / albums). And there you have memories to display at home! Isn’t it swell?


Lomography cameras

Now that you’re ready to (re)enter the world of analogue, let me introduce you to Lomography. Started by several Viennese students as an ode to Russian camera Lomo LC-A, the company produces a range of cameras (analogue, of course) and gathers analogue fans from around the world. Fisheye, wide-angled, panoramic or instant cameras, there’s a model for everyone! They also sell some old-style looking film to give this vintage feel to your photos.

I personally own a Lomography La Sardina, Möbius edition, which you can see pictured here, with its nice wave pattern. It’s a wide-angle camera, working with 35mm films (the regular ones) – quite convenient! And the 4 reasons mentioned above keep me bringing my Lomo camera whenever I travel!


Do you have a Lomography camera too? Are you analogue fan? Tell us about it!


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