Paper Poetry ‘Welcome Home’ garland

Paper Poetry 'Welcome Home' garland

I first discovered the Paper Poetry garlands and paper letters last year in Vienna. Although I liked very much these colourful and shiny letters, I had no use for it at the time. (I’m trying to avoid compulsive stationery purchases that have no direct purpose – not easy.) So I moved on, hoping some day I’ll have a good occasion to display some lovely letters at home!

That day came earlier this year, when a « Welcome Home » was all I needed. After searching quickly for messaged garlands, here I was again face to face with Paper Poetry. I couldn’t say no this time, bought it on (they have a website too). Didn’t take long before I received it.

The package contains the nice paper letters, and some rope to hang it. For some reason I don’t understand, the rope didn’t really fit the holes cut in the letters, so I used my own rope instead – no big deal. And here I had my beautiful letter garland – tadaaa!


Paper Poetry 'Welcome Home' garland


Paper Poetry 'Welcome Home' garland


Paper Poetry 'Welcome Home' garland


While searching for garlands, I also found the website, with lots of garlands too. And you can also make your own message with L’Abécédaire from the French brand Papier Tigre (I never talked about it on this blog – but I love this brand).

PS: I didn’t find any other shop selling the Paper Poetry products online, if you sell it or know where it can be found – beside, I’d be happy to add the reference!

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