New York Travel Maps and Guides

New York Travel Maps

I love maps and traveling is always a good reason to grab some nice looking maps and go explore. I’ve recently been to New York City and here’s the selection of New York travel maps I used to (re)discover the city:


Bonjour New York by Marin Montagut

A beautifully illustrated map that will guide you neighborhood by neighborhood within Big Apple. Addresses range from (sometimes exclusive) shopping to restaurants so that you should find something to suit your needs in every location. It’s been initially published in French, but an English version is available too.


Party of One: New York by Herb Lester

When planning some holidays, I always check if a Herb Lester map is available for the cities I’m visiting. Turns out Herb Lester has quite a collection of New York travel maps, and this time their “Party of One” map was most appropriate. It’s filled with gems and nice places to visit when you’re on your own in the big city.


New York Doughnut map by All You Can Eat Press

For the foodistas among you, the All You Can Eat Press published food-themed New York travel maps that’ll takes you to the best spot to eat dougnhuts (or burger, pizzas or whichever food you fancy eating in NYC). With a nice retro design, it’s a feast for both the eyes and the belly.


New York Concrete Map by Blue Crow Media

If you’re more on the architecture side, the New York Concrete Map is a tour of the most noticeable concrete and Brutalist buildings within the city. It’s a nice way to look at New York from a different perspective. It’ll take you to places you might not usually go to if it weren’t for these impressive buildings.


New York travel maps and guides

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