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A good thing when switching to a new job is that it gives you a good reason to start fresh with brand new stationery. Here is how I came to discover two more premium stationery brands (and got myself ready for a new job):


Blank workbook by Appointed

As I was mentally preparing to join a new company, I bought myself a white notebook from the brand Appointed: I like to start a new job with a beautiful new notebook. Its paper is smooth and thick, and the overall quality seems amazing. It has a spiral binding and the pages are perforated which can be very convenient when working. It’s my first time buying a notebook from Appointed, and I can’t wait to use it!

I bought it from a wonderful store in Amsterdam, called Miscellaneous. Make sure to visit it if you are in Amsterdam, they sell amazing stationery and they are very nice 🙂


Dotted notebook by Leuchtturm1917

Switching jobs means starting a new job, but also leaving another one. As I left my previous company, my colleagues were so thoughtful and offered me a few notebooks to add to my collection. Among them, I’ve selected this Leuchtturm1917 to assist me with my new job. Its wide format and dotted pages caught my attention: it’ll be perfect to draw mock-ups! As I took a closer look at it to prepare for my first day, I was stunned by its quality. How come I had never bought a notebook from Leuchtturm1917? The paper quality is amazing, and as details matter to them, it’s full of little attentions that won me over (stickers, additional perforated sheets, expandable pocket, and so on). So a huge thanks to my colleagues for choosing this notebook, it seems fantastic!

Now, back to work!


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