Mark’s Travelife Notebook

Marks's Travelife Notebook detail

To all notebook lovers.

You probably know what it is to have this big new project you want to start from scratch, and you open  a new notebook and get started (the story doesn’t how long it lasts). When you travel, and always find a lovely notebook on your way and can’t help but buy it. Back home you lazily add it to a collection of already-waiting-for-something-to-happen notebooks.

Well, I just started a new notebook tonight. One from this pile of notebooks I have. But that’s not the point. Its paper was so smooth, the sensation was so agreeable as I was writing on it! I thought ‘WOW, that’s what they call Japanese quality’. And here I have my new favourite stationery brand.

So what is it? It’s a Mark’s A5 Travelife notebook.


Marks Travelife notebook, front cover


I can’t praise it enough, I recommend you to try it and make your own opinion. It’s beautiful, it’s a great pleasure writing on it, and it seems very qualitative from what I can see (it’s brand new, time will be a better judge on this one). I’m just glad I chose to open this notebook tonight.

Edit (oct. 2015) I have since used the whole notebook as a travel journal during a 3 week-trip and I’m still amazed at the quality of this notebook! It’s almost like new, the cover hasn’t suffered any damage, no scratch or anything! As if it hadn’t spend so much time in my bag.

More at or for an English-friendly website


Marks Travelife Notebook, back cover

Mark's Travelife notebook, back cover detail

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