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Gestalten books on Maps

Maps can be fascinating.

It’s about knowing where you are, or where you want to get lost. It’s picturing a place, giving it its own spirit on the paper (or online, let’s be modern). It’s a gateway to another world, where your imagination is free to travel to unknown or far-away locations. It’s also the memory of places you’ve been through, streets where you strolled.

But enough lyricism.
Having a passion for both maps and books, here I present Gestalten (a publishing house I’ve already introduced with the Craft Beer Book), and two of their books for map lovers: A Map of the World, and the Map Design Toolbox.


A Map of the World

Inspired from real places or imaginary ones, A Map of the World showcases the best of illustrated maps from contemporary artists. Art projects, magazines (Monocle), city guides (this is where I discovered Herb Lester), the variety of styles and sources makes it very rich for anyone into maps illustrations and graphics. Each artist has his/her own eye, so you’ll get as many different ways of seeing famous cities.

You think you know London, Paris or New-York city maps? You’ll be surprised to see how it can be reinvented. A beautiful book to let your mind wander in new territories, whether they be visual or geographical.


A Map of the World, a book for map lovers by Gestalten


A Map of the World
Edited by Antonis Antoniou, R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, H. Hellige
Published by Gestalten
ISBN 978-3-89955-469-4Find it on Gestalten Store


The Map Design Toolbox

Map Design ToolBox extract


For those into maps who want to take their passion further, the Map Design Toolbox is a good way to get started on map design. If you feel like creating your own maps (those last holidays of yours would surely deserve a lovely map), this book provides templates and a rich set of icons (on a DVD), ready-to-use. There’s all you need to design a map: symbols, transports, travel, landmarks… Most topics are covered, so it’s just waiting for you to give it a go!


The Map Design Toolbox
By Alexander Tibelius
Published by Gestalten
ISBN 978-3-89955-541-7Find it on Gestalten Store


If you know about other books for map lovers, leave me a comment, I’d love to know more about it!
(you can also leave a comment if you’ve made a beautiful map with the Map Design Toolbox – holidays or not!)

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