A German Stationery Collection

German stationery collection

My last city escape took me to Berlin where I found many nice stationery and book shops. I brought back home a selection of the best I’ve seen and here are some examples of German stationery for you, as well as a few addresses… Enjoy!


Berlin books & stationery shops



Do you read me? A store dedicated to magazines, German or international ones. Mostly design, art and fashions magazines, you’ll find all the trending titles here. If you’re looking for Frankie magazine for instance, you’ll find it there!
Auguststraße 28doyoureadme.de

Gestalten space. For the fans of this German publishing house, the whole collection of Gestalten books greets you in this modern space, along with a selection of perfect gifts and design objects. The store is tucked away in one of the Sofienstrasse courtyards, with cool stores and nice coffee shops. They have another store at Bikini Berlin (Budapester Straße 38–50) which I recommend too if you wander in this area. Read more about Gestalten here.
Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21gestalten.com.

Polly Paper. A small but well furnished eco-friendly stationery shop. From notebooks to glue, you’ll find any stationery item you can think of, but in it’s eco-friendly version.
Gipsstraße 23b pollypaper.de



Bucherbogen. Under the S-bahn arches in Savignyplatz, a bookshop specialized in architecture, photography, arts and design, with lots of references. For those into maps, they have a nice section of books about maps.
Stadtbahnbogen 593buecherbogen-shop.de

Autorenbuchhandlung. A few stores away form Bucherbogen, another bookshop, with a focus more on literature here, with editions mostly in German (and they have some beautiful ones!). There’s a little stationery section with original pieces and some Paperways products, if you’re into Korean stationery. It’s coupled with a cosy café.
Else-Ury-Bogen 599-600autorenbuchhandlung.com


Suitcase with German stationery


German notebooks

Exercise books, by Semikolon. Three notebooks from German brand Semikolon (mustard and black ones), which is a bit of a classic in German stationery. Very simple, with inside pockets for its most popular range, this is what you call German quality.

A6 Golden notebook, by Räder. A pocket notebook with golden stripes, qualitative white and pale blue pages, and an elastic band. A convenient little notebook!

All you need Istanbul, by Happily ever paper. Here is an exception, as it’s not really German stationery: Happily ever paper comes from Turkey. The Turkish culture is so omnipresent when you wander in Berlin’s streets that you cannot help but associate it with modern German culture. And having travelled several times to the wonderful Istanbul, I couldn’t agree more with this notebook ‘All you need Istanbul‘.


German notebooks


Postcards and correspondence

Kimono correspondence set, by Pleased to meet. A beautiful set with letter paper and envelopes in a pastel pattern inspired by Japan. The box in itself is quite something, with golden lettering. Can’t wait to send some of these letters!

Recycled cards and envelopes. Made out of paper maps no longer used, these A4 envelopes edited by Direktrecycling are the perfect answer to paper waste. I also came across Second Future nautical maps, turns into cards. Again, an exception as it comes from Denmark, but this environment-friendly initiative deserves the spotlights too!

Postcard with Berlin TV tower, by Pickmotion. Pickmotion picks the best of Instagram pictures and turns it into lovely postcards. This one represents the Berliner Fernsehturm (TV tower), and is a picture by Michael Belhadi.

Berlin Kreuzberg postcard. A lovely Kreuzberg map by Illustrator Elisandra Sevenstar. You can find her work on her Etsy store


German stationery: cards and envelopes



38 Hours in Berlin, by 38hrs.com An original formula for a travel guide as it give you nice addresses through interviews with locals and in-depth articles about what makes the city so special. The Berlin guide is the first of a series published right in Berlin. Other cities are available.

And if you’re looking for another Berlin guide, you can still get the Herb Lester guide, which well completes the 38 Hours guide.

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