Herb Lester Guides: travel companions for city discoveries

Herb Lester Guides

Here is something for the curious-minded, paper-loving traveller. Herb Lester Associates is an English company editing lovely travel guides for city breaks. Whenever I travel to a new city, I check if a Herb Lester Guide exists, and I’ve never been disappointed so far!

The guides come as beautifully designed, much original and practical maps, which easily fit in your pocket. Each map is unique in style and has its own spirit, being custom-made for each city by a different designer (though some maps share a same designer but we can’t really complain) and different writers.

New-York, London or Paris can be enjoyed thanks to several themed-guides (like New-York burgersLondon on Two Wheels or Paris en famille), but other cities are well represented too by the Herb Lester collection (Tokyo, Melbourne, Portland, or even the outer space!).

It’s a fun way to discover a city (instead of browsing the traditional travel guides everybody has), the guides providing lots of interesting and unusual sights, shops and restaurants to try. They all come with detailed and mouth-watering descriptions. You’ll be sure to get a good overview of what it is to live in these cities if you follow their good tips!

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