Honeycomb notebook by Paperways

Honeycomb mini notebook by Paperways

Some days ago a very dear friend gave me, to my surprise, an old analog camera: an Olympus OM10. Her mother had found it unused and forgotten in the ceiling while emptying the family house. I’m not familiar with analogue photography, but recently I heard a photographer saying he started with analogue photography by recording all the pictures he took in a notebook he kept with him at all times. To keep track of the settings and conditions when he took the pictures, and improve on it. I decided to do the same.

After cleaning and charging a brand new film in the camera (let’s hope it still work), I took my collection of notebooks (it’s getting big!): time to select a notebook! *** Excitement!!!***

I needed a very small and handy notebook, not too soft because it will travel a lot, not too heavy because I will have to carry, etc. And there I found it: a Paperways mini notebook with honeycombed patterned paper. It’s small and original, exactly what I needed!



Paperways honeycomb notebook


And if you’re into cute Korean stationery like me, you’ll find a selection of Korean stationery here.

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