A selection of orange stationery

An orange stationery selection

Whether you prefer A Clockwork Orange or Orange is the new black, well, it’s all about orange stationery today!

In the last few months I’ve been surrounded by orange stationery. I made this selection to answer all your cravings for anything orange (but mostly stationery, books and maps!). It features some of my favourite stationery brands and publishers, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!


A selection of Orange Stationery


1. Chequered brass notebookOla Studio
Another lay-flat notebook from the British notebook editor, foil blocked in brass (or is it copper?).

2. New York Doughnut MapAll You Can Eat Press
Treat yourself with all kinds of doughnuts with this inventory of the best doughnut addresses in New York City! Yummy 🙂

3. Bic ball pen, Japan special edition – Bic Japan
The famous French ball pen brand sells a special edition only available in Japan. Available in a wide selection of colours, it’s simple yet elegant (and cheap too!).

4. Double HighlighterMuji
One of my favourite pen these days, this highlighter from Muji is very convenient with two different leads to vary your writing (rather, highlighting) style.

5. Alphabet stickersCircus Boy Band
Small stickers with alphabet letters to leave your mark anywhere, from the Korean brand Circus Boy Band.

6. Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson – Whites Book edition
I’ve already talked about Whites Book. I recently found another of their expired collection, a pocket edition of Treasure Island (which they also editing in clothbound hardback).

7. Fluo cards and envelopsLe Typographe
A beautiful set of very q