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From the beginning of this blog (3 years ago last month!), I’ve always wanted to talk about Papier Tigre, but I never found the right words. Now is the time!

Papier Tigre is a French stationery brand. They started with eco-friendly notebooks, made out of recycled paper right here in Paris. With bright colours and gay patterns, Papier Tigre stationery had from the start a distinctive touch, that something special you’ll find today on their website with a funny tone and an original design.

Since then, they’ve extended their range to more stationery and paper items, from wallpaper to planners and greeting cards. They have a lovely shop in central Paris (do visit it if you have the chance, it’s gorgeous!), and they will very soon open one branch in Tokyo, Nihombashi. I wish I’d go back to Japan just to check it out (they plan on opening a shop with a tea room and a gallery).

Here’s an overview of some Papier Tigre stationery that I acquire over the last years:


Papier Tigre notebook


Papier Tigre pli postal organizer


Papier Tigre Visionnaire calendar


Pli postal, Papier Tigre


Papier Tigre notebook


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