A piece(s) of paper – Notebook

A piece(s) of paper notebook

I’ve spent a day in Bangkok some time ago, and while strolling its super modern department stores, I found these notebooks by the brand A piece(s) of paper. I was attracted by the beautiful architectural design and the fact that is was seemingly Japanese.

It is in fact from Thailand. Founded in 2013, they make eco-friendly stationery products. They first started selling a reusable wrapping paper. With a perforated line that you can tear, you don’t rip the paper off and you can then reuse it for other purposes.

What I also liked about these A piece(s) of notebooks I saw is that, for the same model, you can choose which kind of paper you get – lined, with a dotted grid or blank. Thus you don’t have to choose between the design and the kind of paper you want!

A good surprise in Bangkok!

More info: https://www.facebook.com/apiecesofpaper/

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