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Ola Studio notebook detail

Freshly back from London, I’m thrilled to share with you my latest discovery: Ola Studio, an exciting young stationery brand.

Drawing its inspiration from architecture and geometry, Ola’s stationery has a big focus on patterns. With clear, modern design, bright and shiny colours, the collection is declined in carefully crafted notebooks, cards and diaries. They also produce minimal paper sheets you can use for gift-wrapping (or any other purpose you see fit!).

All the products are traditionally crafted by local English manufacturers. Having a background  in studio printmaking and bookbinding, Ola’s founder Katy Goutefangea made it a point of creating qualitative products. The collection is thus produced by using all the savoir-faire and craftsmanship of traditional makers.


Ola Studio, Dash print notebook klein

Ola Studio, Dash Print notebook Klein


You can see here a Dash Print notebook with a soft-cover, a stitched layflat binding and plain pages. I had an instant crush on the dotted pattern and the electric blue (or klein) cover. The plain pages were also a big plus – stationers sometimes have an unfortunate preference for ruled pages, but this is another discussion…

To see more of Ola stationery, have a look at their website, you’ll find a shop and a blog detailing the brand’s inspiration.


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