Honeycomb notebook by Paperways

Some days ago a very dear friend gave me, to my surprise, an old analog camera: an Olympus OM10. Her mother had found it unused and forgotten in the ceiling while emptying the family house. I’m not familiar with analogue photography, but recently I heard a photographer saying he started with analogue photography by recording […]

Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Harry Clarke

Usually the title Tales of Mystery and Imagination is associated with Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote these famous dark short stories, now an American literature classic. So who’s Harry Clarke then? He was an Edwardian book illustrator and artist and he did a wonderful work illustrating Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

Art of the Novella series by Melville House Books

I’ve been searching for a paperback edition of Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville for a while, when recently I found it on the shelves of Hatchard’s, in London. Published by Melville House – as if it was meant to be! To my surprise, I had never heard of Melville House before (and I’ve haunting […]

On White’s Books and the love of fine editions

It’s not very often that a new publishing house arises to offer modern and carefully crafted clothbound books. There are the clothbound Penguin Classics of course, but I’m talking about independent publishing here. Given the state of the book industry, who would be brave (crazy / passionate) enough to launch such a business? Well, White’s […]

Monday Mustard Inspiration

I’ve just read about Dijon (and its mustard) in Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer – which I strongly recommend if you like kind of crazy semi-autobiographical novels. So I thought I’d share a bit of mustard inspiration with you today: Chips poster by illustrator Barbara Dziadosz from Frankie Magazine Coaster from Nya Carnegie­bryggeriet brewery, Stockholm […]

Say hello to Ola notebooks

Freshly back from London, I’m thrilled to share with you my latest discovery: Ola Studio, an exciting young stationery brand. Drawing its inspiration from architecture and geometry, Ola’s stationery has a big focus on patterns. With clear, modern design, bright and shiny colours, the collection is declined in carefully crafted notebooks, cards and diaries. They […]

Moo: business card printing made fun

Of all things paper, there’s this small piece of paper we often overlook, it’s the business card. Sounds boring, right? Meet Moo: this English company managed to give the business card printing business a funky twist so particular to them. I’ll be straight to the point: I love Moo.

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